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Wyoming and Colorado Four Day Getaway page 3

The Old West As The Pioneers Saw It -- Day 3 Driving from Elk Mountain, Wyoming to Empire, Colorado

Drive Time:  4 Hours

Hotel in Empire CO: Peck House Hotel & Restaurant

Sightseeing along the road:

Saratoga, Wyoming

Encampment, Wyoming

North Park, Colorado

Grand Lake, Colorado

Winter Park, Colorado

Berthoud Pass, Colorado

Synopsis of day

Today’s drive will take you through some back roads where you will see some of the very early ranches in the West. Many of the ranches are still in the same family. The whole day will be very scenic. Saratoga, Wyoming is the quintessential ranch community with rich hay meadows along the river. Follow the South Platte River to Encampment (Aspen Alley in the fall). Continue south through an area known as North Park. There is the potential for viewing moose, elk, and deer along with golden and bald eagles. After North Park you will drop down into the Colorado River valley. You may want to take a side trip to the early western resort town of Grand Lake, Colorado. From Granby, continue east, up the Frazier River valley through the ski town of Winter Park, CO, and over Berthoud Pass to the early mining town of Empire.


Ask Arthur and Susan, your innkeepers at Elk Mountain Hotel, for directions to Saratoga as the weather may have an effect on the shortest and most scenic road (the alternate road is paved all the way.) The alternate route is: take I-80 west to Walcott exit # 235. Turn Left on WY 130 south through Saratoga to WY 230 and on to Riverside and Encampment. Leaving Riverside you will turn right onto WY 230 south which will become CO 125 and continue until you get to US highway 40. Turn left, (east) on US 40 towards Granby.  If you want to add the Grand Lake side trip, turn left, (north) on US 34 to Grand Lake and return the same way. Continue east on US 40 to Empire Co. Turn left on Freeman Street to get to the Peck House.


So Much History In These Activities and Attractions

Saratoga is a quintessential ranching community located on the banks of the North Platte River.

Encampment, Wyoming was once called Grand Encampment by French-Canadian trappers who would rendezvous along the Encampment River before the American settlers ventured beyond the Mississippi. In 1897, copper was discovered in the Sierra Madre Mountains just above this quiet settlement. Stop at the Grand Encampment Museum. In the Fall, ask the museum people for directions to Aspen Alley.

North Park is a large plain that is surrounded by high peaks and is the headwaters of the North Plate River. Frequently visitors will spot moose, elk, deer, golden and bald eagles. The timothy hay that is grown in this region is all shipped to Kentucky for the race horses.

Grand Lake is head waters of the Colorado River with plenty of scenery, fishing, and shopping. Grand Lake was an early Colorado resort where the wealthy Denver families would spend a cool summer; fathers would come up by rail for the weekend.

Berthoud Pass takes you over the Continental Divide with delightful scenery all the way.

Peck House chef and co-owner Gary St. Clare has won many awards for his food. You can look forward to a delightful evening.

Hotel in Empire CO: Peck House Hotel & Restaurant

Major Activities:

Great Dining

Georgetown,  Colorado Historic District

Hiking & Walks

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