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Trout Cherve Shallot Omlet

Jim Osterfoss Nagle Warren Mansion Bed & Breakfast Cheyenne, Wyoming

Trout Chavrie Shallot Omelet - Nagle Warren Mansion - Cheyenne, Wyoming


Ingredients (makes 4 servings):

8 oz. trout

½  shallot  peeled and chopped fine (can also use green onion)

2 oz. Chavrie cheese divided into 4 parts

1 oz. Italian parsley coarse-chopped for garnish

1 lemon cut into wedges for garnish

1 tomato sliced for garnish

1 ½  oz. butter to sauté

8 jumbo eggs

¼ C. milk

¼ tsp. salt

¼ tsp. pepper


Combine the omelet ingredients and whip.

Add ½ oz. butter to the trout pan and heat for the sauté.

Add chopped shallot and sauté until the shallot starts to turn clear.

Saute the trout until it us just flaky, them remove from the heat and flake.


Add butter to the omelet pan and heat.

Add about ½ C. of the omelet mixture to the pan.

Flip when the underside is just a little golden.

Add ¼ of the trout and ¼ of the cheese.

Cook until the omelet is done, fold and put on the plate.

Garnish with the parsley, salt and pepper and present with the lemon wedge and the tomato slice.

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