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Recipes breakfast, lunch, dinner, appetisers, desserts, and Afternoon Tea

Breakfast, lunch, dinner, appetizer, dessert, and Afternoon Tea recipes contributed by Historic Hotels of The Rockies Innkeepers represent the many varied styles of restaurants found in our hotels.

Typical dining room at one of the historic Hotels of the Rockies


A wide array of restaurants exist within our hotels. Family dining, up scale dining, and fine dining are found at different hotels. Each hotel has a unique personality in addition to the Innkeeper and Chef, and each recipe reflects the distinctiveness of the Inn. Local sourcing and sustainable foods are important for seasonal menus. A dedication to fine guest service and a unique brand of hospitality is found at each restaurant.


Breakfast          Breakfast Egg Bake

Start with a healthy breakfast then head out for a day of activities, sightseeing and attractions.





Plan to stop by one of our Historic Hotels for lunch. In addition to a good meal you will have a good experience.




Dinner   dinner

Enjoy dinner before a good night's rest. Many of the owners and chefs of Historic Hotels of the Rockies are quite acclaimed. All of our hotels participate in local sourcing and have a tendency to offer regional specialties. Some of the favorites from the menu reflect the history of the hotel and region.   Recipes


Fritatta delle Langhe On the hotel porch or at the bar, an appetizer is a great way to wind down. Recipes



Top off dinner or lunch with a delightful dessert.  Recipes



Afternoon Tea

Enjoy Afternoon Tea at many of the Historic Hotels of the Rockies

"The Queen of Hearts, she made some tarts

All on a summer day:

The Knave of Hearts, he stole those tarts,

And took them quite away!"

Alice's Adventures in Wonderland...Lewis Carroll


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