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Day 9 Wyoming Mt Rushmore Yellowstone Tetons 14 day trip

Yellowstone 1st Day - Day 9

All of this drive is scenic and it will take you along Lake Yellowstone to the West Thumb Geyser Basin and Grant Village Visitors Center. Head west over Dunraven Pass and imagine what it was like on a stage coach in the 1870s. You will come to the Old Faithful area.

Visit the Visitors Center, watch Old Faithful erupt and then cross over to the geyser basin on the north side of the Fire Hole River where you will find few people and many interesting thermal attractions. In the car, work your way west and north up the Fire Hole River, stopping at the many pull offs for the geyser basins.

Stay clear of the wildlife, they really are wild and dangerous.

When you reach Madison Junction, turn around and return to Lake Yellowstone Hotel.

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